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1975 Volvo 242 Dl

The Beginning

When the Beige car was totaled, I was able to finally search for a smog exempt car. Being how I love the classic styling of the 240, I decide that a 1975 240 was the way to go, since I had all these parts to reuse. Finding one is a little more difficult than I thought, and I got pretty lucky getting this one. On with the thread.

So this car is a 1975 Volvo 240 DL with 49,000 original miles on it. It is Volvo Sapphire Blue, turns out it did get resprayed at some point a long time ago, and it has a pretty awesome interior. It is from the east coast, where it was sort of taken care of. I bought the car from whom I think is the forth owner. I am now the Fifth owner of this 242DL and hopefully, will be its last. The car is powered through a B20 engine, and is fueled by Kjet. It has an 3speed automatic transmission and 4.10 rear gear.

Long story short, I had the car shipped here, and once I got it, noticed it need a lot more attention than I originally thought. This thread will show my attempt to recreate my daily driver and improve on what I originally did within this 75 242 DL.


My father and I tackled this project over the course of two and a half years. This page is a condensed version of the story, so with out any further delay... enjoy the pictures! Click the Load more! There are a lot of Images.

Here is when I first Got:

The Tear Down

The car was in pretty decent shape overall considering the age. Unfortunately, as we dug into the car, it became apparent this would not be as simple as swapping parts from from the old beige 240 turbo.  The rear brakes were frozen. The engine would not run very well. It struggled to get up the driveway when it was first delivered. The engine would not idle. The interior smelled of mold. There was rust in the gas tank. Our plan of attack was now clear... Gut the whole car and fix everything.


Warning: This section will be scattered slightly. Some items will be shown out of order in terms of completion. Not that this is really important haha. I will let the pictures do most of talking in this section also.

Once we gutted the whole care and cleaned everything, we tackled the small surface rusted areas as shown above, we proceeded to catalog all the parts, form those that only needed some freshening up, to the parts that needed repair, and finally, the parts that had to be replaced.


We started with the body repair. The interior was leaking water from the front cowl area, firewall plates, and side body seams. The caulking failed on the body in those areas, so all we had to do was remove the old stuff, and re-caulk the front of the interior. The carpet was moldy at this point, so I bought a set of black carpet from a buddy on The door panels showed evidence of water staining on the back side of the panels. The vapor barrier was missing so we just used some of the heavy duty painters paper from home depot. That stuff works very well, and has a nice coloring to it! As we finished the repairs and sealing the car, During reassembly, I added some light weight sound damping to help with the vibrations from the future installments. 

The next step was the suspension work. Fortunately, most of the rusted suspension parts where all being replaced with the custom setup from the beige 240 turbo. I did upgrade the front brakes with the "R" units. I have the rear "R" setup in a box still.  All in all, the swap was pretty painless. Everything bolts right up. the only really issue we ran into was the panhard bar bolt that was apart of the rear end snapped off. It was rusted. We simply drilled and tapped the shaft and are using a bolt for the time being. I can make a bracket to lower the bolt to keep the panhard bar flat, but that isn't really needed anymore. This car sits higher than the beige 240 by 1.5 inches. Everything is perfect right now.

Most of the suspension is from 

Anyways... on to the images!

Here is where the images start to get scrambled. Most of these events happened simultaneously. 

The Rest of the engine, and custom work will be shown now. We tore the stock engine apart. and cleaned everything we could on/ in it. The engine was in horrible shape (and still is) for only having 50,000 miles on it. The Fuel system was trash because of the rust, so we replaced the k-jet parts with rebuilt/ cleaned units, and we redid the fuel lines with new lines.