The Project Continues...

Pulley is here! These guys did the machining. STSmachining

Updated: 12/01/2017

After a wait, The New Engine from hiperformanceauto is here and installed! 

Engine specs:

B20 block now 2.1L w/ 9.1cr

M-rods/ Rotating assembly balanced.

Stock D-grind Cam.

Hi rev chromoly lift kit.

46mm intake valves.

38mm exhaust valves.

Double valve springs.

Ported Head, gasket matched as well.

Camshaft is broken in now, and I did a ring break in run the following day after the engine cooled and the head bolts were re torqued. I am going to add the supercharger in a few hundred miles after.

I Forgot I had an oil leak from the pan in the old engine. This new engine is using the same pan as it is custom with oil baffles.

As you can see in the images below, The oil was seeping through the bolts. We just applied a simple fix. Hoping that will cure the leak issue through the pan bolts.

Updated: 12/01/2017

Intercooler fitting was pretty straight forward. I installed the largest front mount cooler I could fit right behind the grille. This overall size is 29"x11"x3" with 2.5" IC pipes. The newer model 240s have the large holes punched our from the factory , but this year model did not. I bought a new 3 1/8" punch so I can run the intercooler pipes from the engine bay, to the front area. The fit is pretty great!


I bought some brand new kjet injectors for the car. Cleaning old injectors only gets you so far. These new ones atomize the fuel very nice!  


I will play with the fuel settings once the supercharge is on, but I am thinking of adding injectors at this point. This way, I have the stock fuel system untouched, and I can control the fuel from an external source. Should provide an easy tuneable solution right now. If I get more serious with it, I might go the group A method and run bosch gold injectors with the merc V8 distributor running extra injectors.


I am playing with the idea of twin charging this motor. I am thinking of using the little supercharge to help spool a larger turbo. Nothing to large. But it is all in my head right now...


More to follow! 

Updated: 12/17/2017

After Sealing up the oil leak, I drove the car for another week. I added the missing lower bumper part I never put on to help air go to the radiator.


The car had always had a small transmission leak. I never paid too much attention on the old engine as the oil leaks where worse and hiding the trans leak.

Well, Our fault for not inspecting the transmission while it was out of the car before the new engine went in. We took the transmission out and sure enough, the input shaft seal was old, super hard, and cracked..

Ordered new parts to seal up the transmission.

Anyways... that is all for now! 

More to follow in the new year! 

Updated: 01/12/2018

New year, New Seals... Got the transmission all finished. I put in a new input shaft seal as well as the output shaft seal and bearing. I swapped to the 6 tooth drive gear while I was in there. Waiting on two more boots to come in and then I will put the transmission back into the car.

This should solve every leak on the car and Hoping it will stay completely dry for a long, long time.

I also had Roger look at the GT cluster and have him work his magic. I will ultimately have to look at a new fuel sending unit, but Roger went through the whole thing and we tried to get the tach closer. We did the LED lights and he finished it up the cluster with his nice paint. 

Check out his services: HERE

I started taking apart the supercharge for the rebuild. I will have to buy a small press now to finish the tear down. Its time to get one though. Lots of headaches throughout the years without a press.

That's all for now. 

Updated: 05/21/2018

It's been a while... Not much done on the car right now. Still looking for a press to buy so I can finish the supercharge rebuild.

I did end up swapping out the amps in the car to have some more sound output. Alpine 1200 watt sub amp and a 300 watt bridged amp for the components. The 1200 watts is still not enough power to keep up with the components but it is definitely a lot better than the old 500 watt unit.

I have a new muffler and some tubing... I am going to change out the rear muffler this weekend. See who I like the magnaflow muffler instead of the cheap thrust muffler.

That's all for now. More to come!

Updated: 06/23/2018

Still have not found a press to finish up the supercharger install. Been busy with other things, but I did get some new harnesses for the car and installed the new muffler. It is really quiet with the magnaflow which allows for more enjoyment from the stereo! 

I decided to use the stock seats as a desk chair. They are super comfy, but I am still waiting for my seat covers to come in so I can use them without getting the fabric messed up.

The  car is close to being done. Rear brakes, compound charger set up, and some misc interior stuff is all that is left. Most of the parts are already in my possession... its just finding time to get it done.

That's all for now. More to come!

Updated: 03/03/2019

I have since decided to not get a press and a re manufactured unit was cheaper to get right now. Did a quick test run to see how it spin up.

Ignore the sideways potato status. The phone was drunk or something...

That's all for now

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