Community Annex

The Los Angeles Historic Park nicknamed the “Cornfield” is located on the south edge of the CASP, which is an area implementing a new vision of the city though its land usage, zoning, and urbanistic strategies 1 miles Northeast of Downtown. The Corn field is adjacent to the Chinatown, Dodger Stadium, Solano Canyon, Lincoln Heights, but the site is isolated due to the many barriers present. Broadway street, which sits 40 feet above the park, and the Gold line tracks presents cap the entire north edge of the park, while the east edge faces the Los Angeles River and is visual terminated at the Downey Rec Center across the river. This “Community Annex” is about establishing linkages to and from the Cornfields reconnecting it to the surrounding neighborhoods, using Policy as the Driver for the built environment, while bringing a new iconic vision to the park and community.


The project resides at the north edge of the park, where the slope and Gold Line tracks are present. “Community Annex” provides a new upper park with the extension of Broadway street that protrudes over the Gold Line Tracks, similar to that of a palisades,. The structure of this new extension is light by LEDs that softly glow exaggerating the height difference from the upper and lower park, and as the train passes, the LEDs glow brighter to visualize the movement under it. There is also another route down to Spring street through the east side cap that connects this bridge to the streets below. The edge of this new extension is a new “street” that acts like a “Share-O” (a street that cars, bikes, and pedestrians all share). The Programmable Massing of Community Annex is located at the end of Solano Canyon, where it provides: 1, a way for vertical pedestrian movement into the park from Broadway level: And 2 Provides support facilities for the existing community, like a Gym, Express style grocery store, several office spaces, and a Bike Locker Facility. This New built Edge gives a new Identity to the Solano Canyon Community, which implements new job development and movement to the site, while still respecting their existence.


The River Side of the Cornfields is capped by the new turn around route down from Broadway to Spring Street. Within this cap is a New Open Air, pavilion style, Regional Recreaction Center that connects to the LA River with walking and bike paths. These new paths establish a linkage to this new “center” along the expansive “LA River Bike Path” promoting Mobility, Health, and further increase in Job development in the area. Part of the built Structure is a permanent Installation of a massive LED “screen” that allows great visibility through it to the areas behind the cap. This Provides local and distance organizations a great foundation to rent the park space for events, and gatherings.


Community Annex is about promoting new invention within the City, while implementing Linkages, Mobility, Health, and Urbanistic Strategies through its built environment. The Cornfield’s and surrounding community’s Identity are preserved and increased through Policy and Architecture that creates a new Icon of Los Angeles.

Design Studio: Urban Policy Studio 5

Instructor: Christi Van Cleve

Instructor: Bill Roschen

All work and Images © by Jeff Moro. Usage and distribution is strictly prohibitive without my consent.