This is my brothers car, but I will be posting the projects we will be doing to his car here. It is a 2016 Scion FRS. The last of the Scion 86's. So far, we have done the Ohlins coilovers, headlight, taillight, 4th brake light and a custom rear exhaust piece. Future plans are to get widebody and grab some new rims for the car. After much debate the rocket bunny V3 kit was ordered, as it has the the best overall look over the rest of the body kits out there. Forgestar F14 Blue SDC are here ready to go on the car!  Also going to make its way into the build is a Vortech Supercharger kit and some nice big brake kits. 

Start up.

First and Second gear quick video

Update: 02/19/2019

Body kit and Rims are ready to go on the car!

Update: 03/29/2019

Car is at the shop. The kit is getting installed. More Details to come.

Revised 04/20/2019:

Auto Explosion autobody Shop did the work on installing the kit. They have done a lot of show wining cars in the past, so they were the first choice my brother wanted to check out. When we went to view the shop and meet up with Damien and Esteban, we knew it was the right place for the car to go. These guys (father, son, and the entire team) love their work, and it really shows!

They had to modify a couple parts of the kit. The headlight area was not even, so that was filled out. The canards where not finished on one side, so they added material to smooth them out. Finally, the rear lower diffuser panel is not the same as the stock panel for rear lower lighting. They went ahead and cut the panel and made some brackets to support the lower rear 4th brake light.

Highly recommend!

Check them out here: http://www.autoexplosionbodyshop.com/

Update: 04/21/2019

Car is done! More details and pics to follow!

Update: 05/29/2019

What's this... BOOOST. Vortech supercharge kit. Nice overall kit! very easy to install and it is CARB legal. Only thing is apperanytly this is the first 2016 FRS automatic to be boosted with the vortech kit. We are talking with vortech because the ROM files they supply do no work with this 2016 auto ECU. We are working with them to get the proper tune on this car.

After this is done, it should be a lot more fun to drive! Only thing left is a larger brake package all around.

That's all for now! More to Come!