This studio was about design and build with focus on Adaptive reuse. The Goal was to produce a new built form from an existing Kit of Parts. This project was a

team effort and was designed and built by the team. The unit we created is on a built site within an existing site. The existing site is the property of the Shadow

Hills Riding Ranch. The ranch features several different kinds of therapeutic riding services where this mini village plays a role as temporary shelters for the secessions. The built site is nothing more than a wooden deck floating over the ranch where each unit is then attached to that surface. Our groups task was to design the bathroom unit and our location is the most northern part of the deck. The Applied site conditions pushed the design of the mini village and each unit then respond to both sites for optimal design and programmable space. The Materials used with our project consist of the existing Kit of Parts from the original shed, as well as, Several members found on site, plus the addition of new materials to finish the intended design. The Final product is a 14’x10’ open air Bathroom unit with one non accessible bathroom and one ADA accessible bathroom. Both rooms feature a toilet, appropriate Handrails, sinks, and showers. There is even an outdoor sink where the rest of the deck can access even when the stalls are occupied. This project pushes what an ordinary shed can become after some design.


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Design Studio: Design Build Studio

Instructor: Jeanine Centuori

Instructor: Marc Rapisardi

Instructor: Sonny Ward

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