Hollywood Housing

The presence of the Hollywood sign at 2469 N Beachwood Dr. hinders the street side privacy of the existing occupants with constant tourism around the site. This proposal reaches a max 45 feet in the sky blocking the current “famous” spots to photograph the sign at/ around the corner of the site. Using the edge conditions of the site to position the units provides a clear relation to the pedestrian traffic, and allows the curvature of the edge to pose a twist in the vertical spatial qualities of the units. Lifting the units off the ground level gives the units more privacy from street side photography, and creates a new public courtyard that yields access to become a private place. A systematical envelope wraps the structure to further increase the privacy. The top and bottom of the skin is cut in response to the surrounding mountain scape which leads public access into the site and up to a new proposed vantage point of the sign which exist on the roof. This addition of a public gathering space helps further increase the ever growing popularity of the Hollywood image. By using this important public feature to create a circulation path for the public to navigate through the site forces a mixed condition of both the public and the occupant. All these systems and design strategies where thought out through the previous studies in the small lot development, and the precedent studies, and shaped to perform in a new way. The final product is a space where the public and private co exist within an already famous site.

Design Studio: House and Housing

Instructor: Dr. Paulette Singley

All work and Images © by Jeff Moro. Usage and distribution is strictly prohibitive without my consent.