2005 Lotus Elise

The New Daily Driver

This is a 2005 Lotus Elise that i purchased September 8th as a new daily driver. So far, everything you see to it was done by the previous owner. I will be updating this with some slight upgrades and tweaks to the new daily. 

Updated: 11/28/2018

The car was too low for daily driving, so I raised the car 8 turns front and 10 turns rear on the coilovers. Then Front turn signals and driving halos where added to the headlight assembly as there were no indicators when i bought the car.


After that, I meet up with an old friend and got some new rims to raise the car 1/2" more so it is safe on the streets. I also added the shifter strengthen kit. These cars have a bad rear toelink set up so I upgraded to the safer Inokinetic setup. The rear wing didnt have the lower brace kit installed also, so that was added.


New Rims are installed and alignment is done!


Update: 12/10/2018

Installed the HIDs last week and got them adjusted this weekend. The light output is sooo much better than stock. I can actually see what is on the road now. The kit is from Inokinetic. 

Also, changed up the center caps to match the car a little better. Lotus 53mm emblems fit pretty well within the xxr cap.


License Plates will be picked up next weekend, so i will be able to take new images of the car.

Future plans are new taillights, and hopefully a supercharger...

Thanks for looking!

Update: 4/21/2019

Finally installed some proper mirrors on the car. I bought a set of the magical racing mirrors and bolted them to the car. I did not like the original exposed bolt look, so I ordered a set of mounts. I had some issues with install them mounts, and the fit is not the greatest, but I am not redoing the mirrors for now. So they will stay until i find a better solution.

The car really needs a new clutch. The stock one is slipping already, so I ordered a new ACT xt clutch kit and light weight flywheel.

I was getting some water in the trunk area. I noticed the stock seal was not doing its job anymore, so I bought some new molding and redid the entire rear hatch area.

That's about all for now. 


Update: 5/04/2019

The car had the clutch and flywheel changed out @ Road Race Engineering. New ACT XT clutch kit and light weight flywheel is in an feels nice already! The car revs much faster now! as it should have. Can't wait to have it broken in.

Also had them run the car on the dyno for a baseline figure. It made a modest 172whp @7848rpm and 122wtq from ~7000.

Supercharger is the next install on the car... But funds are very limited at the moment. 

That's about all for now. 

122tq-170 hp.png

Update: 5/04/2020

Haha... Its been exactly a year since I updated this... 

I removed the garbage cobra unit and and upgraded to a much better unit.

Not much as of now. I swapped the 3D printed mirror stocks out for some aluminum ones from GRP. A lot better. The mirrors do not bounce around and are firmly attached to the door. Plus, NO MORE WIND NOISE! 

Also add the nice little glove bag box from Inokinetic. Also have the elise seat harness pass through I will be adding to the car when i take the seats out to do the upgrade to the center foam section. 

I picked up the rear diffuser panel delete panel from Inokinetic while I was there so I can change up the exhaust on the car.

The car is needing rear tires soon, so i thought i would go up a notch with the rim. Trying the 17x9.75" combo with a 245 tire.

Once the front tires are finished, this rear set should be done also so i will upgrade to different rims and tires again. I have not settled on what I want yet.

That's about all for now. 

Interior Work
Glove Bag Box
Glove Bag Box front
New Mirrors!
Old Janspeed stage 2 exhaust
17x9.75 Rear rim
245 tire for the rear finally!
17x9.75 Rear rim

Update: 5/23/2020

Finished the New exhaust for the car. and added a few other bits...

The Exhaust was the janspeed stage 2 muffler, and it was super drone on the freeway and street. I wanted to make it more street friendly for daily driving so i got the magnaflow transverse muffler with dual outs. Its 2.5" all the way thru with some decent looking tips from ebay. everything is stainless.

Also added some powerflex engine mount inserts to help with power delivery and shifter stability. 

While i was in there, I thought it would be a good time to change the air filter. 

Spark plugs and new covers where done as well. The stock lotus cover is from MonkeyWrench Racing and the Carbon part is from GRP.

That's about all for now. 

trunk cleaning
getting ready for new sector 111 panel
more cleaning
Rear panel removed... Heat shield next
All ready for new work
The Panel from Sector 111
Support bar
Cutting all the tubes and tip alignment
Welding the support bar to the muffler
Ready for more alignment
Fixed the janspeed muffler while i had the welder out
broke at the weld and the tip support
Welded up, just had to add supports to the rods from the 90* pipes
All done welding the new muffler
Added gold reflective tape to the rear
Added gold reflective tape to the rear
Wrapped the ubend pipe.
Wrapped the ubend pipe.
Muffler installed
Muffler installed
Muffler installed ready for daily duty
Muffler installed ready for daily duty
Muffler installed ready for daily duty
Muffler installed ready for daily duty
Spark plugs and new factory lotus cover
Picked up a carbon piece from GRP
Nice parts from GRP as usual
Nice parts from GRP as usual
Back in the garage for mounts
Back in the garage for mounts
Back in the garage for mounts
Back in the garage for mounts
Good bye sloppy shifter
New Powerflex inserts
New Powerflex inserts
Front mount in
New Powerflex inserts
Rear Mount in
New Air Filter.. Old one was super dirty
Added a better clamp

Update: 5/09/2021

Its been a while on this car also! Covid hit and I was working from home for a few months. During that time I only had energy to do one small project. I took the seats out of the car, and modified them with some extra gel pads for comfort. I used the air2gel from ShockTec. They sent me an upgraded gel as they where having trouble with getting the other product manufactured. Great company to work with! nice products! The added gel did help slightly, but these seats need another layer of foam still. 


I also was figuring it was time for new brakes. @ ~55k miles, the front set was never changed. The previous owner did sway out the rear pads and rotors. I went ahead and swapped out both front and rear for BOE 2 piece slotted rotors and Ferodo Racing DS2500 pads. Also did the SS brake lines while i was in there. The braking is soooo much better over stock. The pad/rotor combo are great for the street. low to no noise and low dusting.


I needed new tires on the rear of the car, so I ordered up some 245/45s to match the front tires. I tried the 17x9.75" rim, but i could not run anymore rear camber on the car with the current coilovers. The rims scrapped the adjust on the top of the rear shocks... you can see in the picture how large of the rim / tire combo was. If I could run more camber i would of had no rubbing with that 45 series tire. If i had a 40 series tire... like i should have done from the start... there would be no rubbing also. When I swap front tires, the rears will be ready to swap also, so i will switch to a different tire that has the 215/45 fronts and 245/40 rears.

Longer story shorten... I ended up getting new rims for the car so I could run the tire I purchased. lol. Its fine tho.. I wanted to get a 9" rim in the rear anyways. I went cheap on these also as not much money was left in the budget... Volk 28 knock offs. Decent looking rims. I wish they did the 8 spoke on the rear tho... they did not offer a knock 8spoke in that rear rim size. 

Finally made a quick change in the front of the car... for some reason, the car would hit the fender while turning when someone else was in the car with me. I was maxed out on front camber, so i grabbed a set of V2 steering arms from Inokinetic. They are easy to install and work great!!! lots more front camber. Also grabbed a cup holder from them to complete the order! lol... It works well tho!

Items still pending...

POWER. this car is quick, but not fast. It needs another 100hp and it will be perfect. 


It needs lighter rims. These cheap rims aren't bad, but the rears are not light... The fronts are ok. Maybe i will find a set suitable for the car one of these years.

body work corrections. There are alot of bad areas that need to be fixed. if you see the car in person, you would understand. The front clam work was meh... the rear wing installed was bad. the rear clam has a small chip. the side sills need to be reworked...

Better seats! Needs a nice set of bucket seats. they are far more comfy than the factory lotus seats.

Top of the list of items... The new digital AIMS DASH is awesome. I need to grab one of those. Also, need to redo the stereo in the car. The head unit is garbage, and the sound is not balanced. 


That's all for now!