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2005 Lotus Elise

The New Daily Driver

This is a 2005 Lotus Elise that i purchased September 8th as a new daily driver. So far, everything you see to it was done by the previous owner. I will be updating this with some slight upgrades and tweaks to the new daily. 

Updated: 11/28/2018

The car was too low for daily driving, so I raised the car 8 turns front and 10 turns rear on the coilovers. Then Front turn signals and driving halos where added to the headlight assembly as there were no indicators when i bought the car.


After that, I meet up with an old friend and got some new rims to raise the car 1/2" more so it is safe on the streets. I also added the shifter strengthen kit. These cars have a bad rear toelink set up so I upgraded to the safer Inokinetic setup. The rear wing didnt have the lower brace kit installed also, so that was added.


New Rims are installed and alignment is done!


Update: 12/10/2018

Installed the HIDs last week and got them adjusted this weekend. The light output is sooo much better than stock. I can actually see what is on the road now. The kit is from Inokinetic. 

Also, changed up the center caps to match the car a little better. Lotus 53mm emblems fit pretty well within the xxr cap.


License Plates will be picked up next weekend, so i will be able to take new images of the car.

Future plans are new taillights, and hopefully a supercharger...

Thanks for looking!

Update: 4/21/2019

Finally installed some proper mirrors on the car. I bought a set of the magical racing mirrors and bolted them to the car. I did not like the original exposed bolt look, so I ordered a set of mounts. I had some issues with install them mounts, and the fit is not the greatest, but I am not redoing the mirrors for now. So they will stay until i find a better solution.

The car really needs a new clutch. The stock one is slipping already, so I ordered a new ACT xt clutch kit and light weight flywheel.

I was getting some water in the trunk area. I noticed the stock seal was not doing its job anymore, so I bought some new molding and redid the entire rear hatch area.

That's about all for now. 


Update: 5/04/2019

The car had the clutch and flywheel changed out @ Road Race Engineering. New ACT XT clutch kit and light weight flywheel is in an feels nice already! The car revs much faster now! as it should have. Can't wait to have it broken in.

Also had them run the car on the dyno for a baseline figure. It made a modest 172whp @7848rpm and 122wtq from ~7000.

Supercharger is the next install on the car... But funds are very limited at the moment. 

That's about all for now.