Model Making

This part of the collection looks into various models from a wide mix of design studios and other class that required a built example to show the projects intentions. The models shown thought consist of products built from first year design studio to fourth year design studio, as well as, some examples from a materials and methods class, professional practice class, and a summer studio in Rome, Italy. There is a mix of different materials used throughout the years, consisting but not limited to: Basswood, Museum Board, Acrylic, Plexiglass, Polycarbonate, Pine Wood, Plywood, Different kinds of Paint, Card Board, Chip Board, Foam Core, Aluminium, and Steel. There is also a range of methods to building these, such as: Welding, Gluing, Folding, Hand Cutting, Laser Cutting, Power tools, and Printing. The work shown represents a part of the product displayed with a focus on craft, skills, idea, and resolution. Enjoy the wide variety shown.

All work and Images © by Jeff Moro. Usage and distribution is strictly prohibitive without my consent.