Small Lot Housing Unit

Small lot development proposes challenges when a project’s main driver is storage. The lot is 50’ x 175’ which then is divide into 5 sub-lots where one sub-lot is given to each person in the group to design within. From our groups CC&Rs, vertical boundaries play a part with the neighbors and party walls become ideal storage areas for both units. Since the project was built within a super structure, the idea of minimal existence took control to deliver as much storage for the space permitted by the groups cc&rs while still allowing the idea of a hanging system within the structure. Most of the cc&rs point out some form or factor that the storage must occupy and/ or perform, but there was still room for improvement over the existing perimeters. The fi nal product is a single housing unit, where the program is determined by the design, but must be within 1000-2000sqft.


Design for the project first took shape with the idea of storing car parts to whole cars. Taking this idea, and introducing it within the super structure lead the lifting of the housing unit, and a lift for the vehicles to enter on the second level. This then lead to other design decisions as to where the rest of the program would fit around the main garage space. Kitchen is on the second level as well as a bedroom and bath. The third floor consists of the living room, fi nal bedroom, and secondary storage room. The project is just under 1700sqft, and follows the group’s cc&rs. Storing a car is not only possible, but exciting to do within small lot development, so this project will show the concepts a process to do so. This project was done with hand drawings and motor oil.

Design Studio: House and Housing

Instructor: Dr. Paulette Singley

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